St.Stephen's School

Junior Leadership Team


Aaliyah Oladejo

Hello, my name is Aaliyah Oladejo the Head Girl of St. Stephens Primary School. I love fun clubs: Cheerleading, Choir, Swimming, Gymnastics and so much more. I am very determined because I go swimming club and I am determined to get to the next level/stage. I have many favourite subjects: Maths, English, PE, Topic/Foundation and Science. My parents come from Nigeria but I was born here in the UK. When I found out I was a member of JLT, I was over the moon. I am a very intelligent girl and I have been taking the 11 plus exams.

I am very lucky to be Head Girl at the top number 1 school in the country.

Jesho Kurian

Hello. My name is Jesho Jacob Kurian and I am Head Boy of St. Stephen’s Primary School. Over my years at St. Stephen’s, I have been in a variety of clubs: Football club, Karate, Piano and much more. I also go to Taekwondo which is a martial art from Korea.

I have been in Student Council twice and represented the school three times in the Newham Spelling Bee. While I was part of student council, our school received the Unicef RRSA Level 2 and that was a huge achievement as no other school in Newham had reached that.

This is probably the best thing that I have ever experienced in my life, being Head Boy of the best school in England. Also, I hope I am a role model to everyone in this school as I am Head Boy.

Gia Puaar

Hello, my name is Gia Puaar and I am in 6TN. I am also Deputy Head Girl at St. Stephens Primary School. My parents and I were born in the UK, I have two sets of grandparent one was born in Africa and  the other was born in India. This means that I am part African, part Indian and part British. That makes me very unique.  Over my years at this school, I have achieved many rewards: certificates, rewards for swimming and I even go karate outside of school so I earn medals from there. I have many favourite subjects: English, Maths, Topic, Art and finally P.E. My goal is to become a dentist. My uncle inspired me to become one because he is a dentist himself, and he is clever at Maths and every other subjects. I am a confident speaker: in years three and four, I was elected Student Council. This is because I am a confident speaker and I have prepared and delivered numerous speeches to the class and to the whole of ks2. I am a determined student here at St. Stephens School: I am determined to try my best and to never give up to get to the next level of swimming, I am also determined to try my best and earn more medals in karate. At this school, I would change favouritism. This is because some of the teachers have a pet and they always like that person and they always choose that person for everything. I think that I would make a fantastic role-model to this school.

Mohib Rahman

My name is Mohib Rahman and I am the deputy head boy of St. Stephen’s Primary School. I enjoy many sports such as football, cricket, netball, basketball and swimming. I have attempted to be in the football team and successfully got a spot in the team. I love all the subjects however my favourites are: maths, topic, art and PE. I was chosen with a few others out of the whole school to compete against other school. We successfully got the chance to visit teen tech which was held in Arsenal stadium and we competed against other schools. We won a category. Last year, in year 5 a group of children were chosen for their maths skills in addition I was chosen and a few others to represent our class and to compete against other classes we ended up winning.

I am very grateful that I am learning in the no.1 school in England and have the best teachers ever. I am very joyful because I can feel safe and comfortable in the school. The school has developed me to become a sensible and respectful student.