St.Stephen's School

Student Councillors 

Welcome to Student Council 2018-2019

Every year at St Stephens, each class elects two Student Council members to represent them. This ensures that all children have a voice within the school and receive their rights according to the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child. For example, Article 12 states that every child has the right to give their opinions, and for adults to take their views seriously.

This year, Student Council are focussing on raising children’s awareness of current news stories as part of being a confident British citizens. We will be building on the success of last year’s “Environment Week” to make sure that all St Stephens pupils know about important events and trends in the world around them. We will be leading class assemblies on a weekly basis and teaching our friends in our classes about the news. In addition, we will be acting as role models around school and in the playground, and mentoring children in Key Stage 1 who need some extra help in school.